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StrikeLight Dual LED Night Fishing Bite Indicator

strikelight product overview

Introducing the StrikeLight Bite Indicator

If you have ever been night fishing, you know firsthand the challenges that this sport presents. Traditional bite indicators such as floats are impossible to see in the darkness, so many anglers have turned to bite alarms which emit a sound when there is activity at the end of the line. This works well when you are working with a single rod; however, when you are using multiple poles, the location of the alarm may be difficult to discern—and by the time you find the source, your prize catch is probably long gone.

StrikeLight eliminates all guessing by emitting an eye-catching, visible signal that is nearly impossible to miss. Unlike other night fishing lights, StrikeLight offers not just one, but two extra bright LEDs to make its signal stand out against the darkness, an advantage over the average bite indicator.

But even with the brightest illumination, night fishing lights need to capture and focus the light so that it doesn’t dissolve in the darkness. Think of a flashlight. How do you get that powerful, focused beam?

It is because of the casing design, which includes shiny metal surfaces to reflect and focus the light outward. StrikeLight features a special light chamber, which incorporates this technology, giving you a clear and unmistakable signal that gets your attention—and gets you that prized fish!

Designed and Tested for Accuracy and Precision

There is nothing more frustrating than a false alarm—ask any fisherman. After hours of waiting for something to happen, having a meaningless alarm go off is incredibly disheartening—and it can take all the fun out of your night fishing expedition.

Our research and development department understands just how aggravating this occurrence can be—and has spent countless hours to design a bite indicator that is virtually free of these unwanted errors. Tested thoroughly for precision and accuracy, StrikeLight has proven itself to be a reliable bite indicator again and again—emitting a signal only when there is activity on your line—no more, no less.

When you use the StrikeLight, you can be assured that it has been tested thoroughly through a variety of stress factors, such as boat movement and high winds, events that can result in a false positive in other night fishing lights.

A Bite Indicator That’s Built to Last, Through All Kinds of Weather

Rugged and durable, StrikeLight can be counted on to work at all times, in any weather condition. Fitted with an exceptionally strong clamp, the StrikeLight won’t slip or fall off. It will stay reliably in place, every time—making it a friend that you can rely on!

For more information about StrikeLight, bite indicators, and night fishing lights, please contact us.