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StrikeLight Features

what makes strikelight superior in night fishing illumination

Signature Light Chamber



Unlike many night fishing lights which feature a single exposed bulb, StrikeLight incorporates a built-in signature light chamber which encapsulates the light and concentrates it into the tip of the device, preventing it from disintegrating into the darkness—similar to the way a flashlight case focuses its light source. As a result, StrikeLight's alarm signal is a vivid beacon in the night—when it matters most!

Dual LED Bulbs



When you’re in the dark, it’s even harder to tell what’s going on at the end of your fishing rod. Traditional bite indicators use a sound to alert the angler of activity; however, when you are night fishing with more than one rod, it is almost impossible to determine which rod the sound came from. Timing is critical in this sport, and time lost determining the source of the alarm can mean the difference between taking home that big fish—or leaving empty-handed.

StrikeLight's alarm system features not just one, but two bulbs, for twice the illumination—giving you an even brighter and more visible signal. LED bulbs are also very energy efficient, minimizing the need to change the batteries at critical moments.

Easy Battery Replacement



While night fishing, searching for the right screwdriver to replace your failing batteries is the last thing you need. Tiny screws can easily be lost onboard or on the ground, making the whole process a nuisance. The easy battery replacement design makes StrikeLight easy on you—just unscrew the battery compartment and replace the batteries—pure and simple!

Water-Resistant Housing



StrikeLight is designed to last—in wind, rain, and storm. Its water resistant housing offers protection from the elements—making it a lifelong friend in your tackle box. Even if you accidentally drop the bite indicator in the water, there will be no reduction in the device’s performance.

Slim Housing Design



StrikeLight's state-of-the-art bite indicator features an attractive, slim housing design, doing its part to reduce bulkiness in your tackle box. This slim design is also lighter and more aerodynamic — reducing the unnecessary extra weight that contributes to additional wear and tear on your rod — wear and tear which could drastically decrease its lifespan.

This aerodynamic design also greatly limits the number of “false positives” where wind pressure on the sensor causes the device to illuminate inappropriately.

Durable Rod Clamp



Water and salt erosion can eat away the toughest of materials. StrikeLight has a durable rod clamp that is specially designed to withstand nature’s elements, allowing the bite indicator to stay firmly and dependably in place—even in the worst weather. This is especially crucial when reeling in a fish, when the rod is under additional strain.

New for 2013, we now have 2 different sizes of rod attachments. The Light/Medium Action Rod Attachment is designed for light and medium action rods, the Light/Medium Action Rod Attachment Combo includes both the Rubber Coupling and the Vice Clamp. The Heavy/Surf Action Rod Attachment is designed for larger rods including Heavy Action & Surf. With a larger designed Rubber Coupling and Vice Clamp, this rod attachment will secure your StrikeLight on rods up to 1/4 inch diameter.

One Click On/Off Switch



With StrikeLight, there’s no fishing around for the on/off switch in the dark. The bite indicator’s easy-to-find toggle power switch is conveniently located on the end of the device—one click on, one click off.

The easy on/off switch allows anglers conserves battery life while traveling to that special fishing hole, which allows anglers to leave the StrikeLight Bite Indicator on the rod without having to mount/unmount on each fishing trip.

Make your night fishing experience the very best it can be — with StrikeLight!

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