the superior dual led night fishing bite indicator

The seasoned fisherman understands the benefits of night fishing. It’s cooler at night than during the daytime hours. There is less competition for fish. It provides the angler with peace and quiet, which is not only good for fishing, but for the soul, as well.

Kreabaur Tackle Although night fishing can give you many advantages over fishing during the day, it comes with a price tag. If you are using multiple fishing poles, it is nearly impossible to tell what is going on at any given moment in the darkness. Using a bite indicator gives you an immediate signal to let you know that there’s activity at the end of your fishing rod; however, all bite indicators are not the same, and using a poor-quality device is almost as bad as not using one at all.

For a bite indicator to be effective, its signal needs to be immediate and easily detected. It also needs to be accurate, under any weather condition.